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Civil Mediation

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Thank you for taking the time to read this information regarding the services we can offer you.  We are a group of individuals dedicated to providing alternative solutions to resolving conflicts.  TRUCE takes great pride in assisting others in facilitating their own solutions in an environment that is far less stressful and costly than a courtroom.

​​What is mediation?

  • a confidential, out-of-court, cost-effective means of resolving disputes.
  • a process allowing parties to create their own solutions to the dispute.
  • facilitated by a trained neutral third party.
  • applicable to any dispute or situation where court may not be the best option.

Types of Civil Mediation:

​​Corporate / Business Disputes
Business disputes involving contracts, and or partnership, shareholder and or ownership agreements, business dissolution and or renegotiating new contracts can be successfully handled with Truce's mediators. This can lead to the preservation of the business relationship.

Real Estate Disputes
Disputes involving landlords/tenants, neighbors, property lines, fences, trees, condition of the property, cost for repairs, inspection issues, and misrepresentation of claims, etc., can all be resolved using mediation or arbitration.

HOA Disputes

Disputes involving the enforcement of the CC&R, rule violations by the HOA or member, fines, issues with vendors, and any other issue which may arise within the HOA.  Mediation has become a necessary requirement prior to most litigation being filed by an HOAs or by a member.  

Eldercare and Family Disputes
These types of disputes can cause long term effects on family members resulting in the breakdown of family relationships for good. Through mediation, issues regarding the care and safety of aging sick parents, inheritance of both property and monies, elder abuse, nursing care facilities, and sibling rivalry can be resolved. The mediation process can maintain the family relationship, while going to court may not.

Cultural Disputes and or Workplace Disputes
A cultural misunderstanding can cause a business relationship to fail and / or employee tensions to become prevalent in the workplace.
The mediator can help bridge the gap of the misunderstanding and help preserve the business relationship and ease cultural tensions in the employee workplace.  Other workplace disputes that can be resolved through mediation are harassment and bullying and unfair firing practices in the workplace.