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Conflict Management Training

Thank you for taking the time to read this information regarding the services we can offer you.  We are a group of individuals dedicated to providing alternative solutions to resolving conflicts.  TRUCE takes great pride in assisting others in facilitating their own solutions in an environment that is far less stressful and costly than a courtroom.

Our trainings include…
· Fundamental elements of conflicts
· Defining/summarizing the problem
· Communication Skills
             -Reframing party statements
· Diversity Consideration
· Negotiation
· Caucusing
· Application of skills

Conflict Management Training can be applicable in many situations. For example....

Corporate:  Human Resources and administrative / managerial staff can benefit from a true understanding of conflict.  Arguments and disagreements are common in any workplace.  By breaking down the problem and being able to summarize it, the problem becomes easier to manage.  Knowing how to truly listen, ask appropriate questions, and show the parties they are being heard are fundamental to conflict resolution.  By applying these skills at the right and in the right setting, most small problems can be prevented from becoming a big problem.

Educational: Principals, Vice-Principals, Deans, Directors, etc., can apply the skills they learn not only with the staff that they supervise, but also with the students that they serve.  For example, we have trained resident hall directors and student life staff at local universities.  What they learned can be utilized managing conflict with the resident assistants (RAs) and the students that live in the resident halls.

Personal:  While conflict management training is frequently considered for professional settings, it is also just as applicable in personal settings.  While all personal relationships (family, friends, and love) experience conflict, what most people fail to realize is that the conflict rarely occurs from one or both sides doing something really wrong.  What amplifies conflict is the inability for the people involved to truly listen to each other.  We spend considerable time talking about how to genuinely listen and how to show each other that they are being heard.  While this may seem simplistic, it is the key to settling all conflict.